ZAXIS series Hitachi ZX210H-5G/ ZX210LCH-5G

Productivity and durability

Hydraulic excavator ZAXIS series Hitachi ZX210H-5G/ ZX210LCH-5G — this is the type of machinery that is ideal for very heavy and difficult operating conditions.
The main characteristics of the model ZX210H-5G/ ZX210LCH-5G:

Additional reinforcement and protection. The model was supplemented with separate elements that provide reinforcement and protection. This increased thickness of the steel plate on the bucket and reinforced the lever, the lower flange and the bracket of the idler.

Durable equipment. The hydraulic cylinder of the handle is equipped with a damping device that reduces noise and prolongs the life of the hydraulic cylinders.

Durable engine. The design of the engine is strengthened, the speed controller is improved, there is a system of direct fuel injection. The engine is ready to work countless hours.

Productive work in conditions of high temperatures. The cooling system, with the help of parallel radiators, ensures optimal operation of the engine.

Technical parameters

Model ZX210H-5G / ZX210LCH-5G
Rated power (ISO), kW / HP 125 / 168 at 2100 rpm
Operating weight, kg 21100 – 21500
Bucket capacity “with cap” (ISO), m30, 80 (h reinforced)
Handle length, m2, 91 (reinforced H)
Maximum hydraulic flow, l / min 2 x 212
Speed swing, Rev/min 13,5
Maximum digging depth, mm 6 670
Maximum working height, mm 10 040
Maximum digging radius, mm 9 920
Soil cutting force bucket (ISO), kN 158