ZAXIS Hitachi ZX200-5G / ZX200LC-5G

Features: ZX200-5G / ZX200LC-5G

High reliability. Middle-class hydraulic excavator series ZAXIS Hitachi ZX200-5G / ZX200LC-5G is designed by engineers specifically for work on a wide variety of work sites. Its performance does not fall even at low temperatures (up to -40 degrees).

Main characteristic:

easy maintenance,
increased speed of work operations,

Maximum strength. Individual structural elements of the working equipment provide long-term service of the components, and new HN bushings in the swivel joints filled with grease from the inside, allow to increase their service interval. X-shaped frame made of monolithic plates has a small number of welds, due to
what is characterized by high strength and reliability. The frame of the turntable is also reinforced with reliable d-section beams.

Easy maintenance. The developers have provided convenient access to fuel filters and other points of daily inspection, which can be maintained while on the ground. Dust-proof mesh is in front of the radiator, which makes it easier to clean. Hitachi ZX200-5G service intervals have been increased from 250 to 500 hours, further reducing operating costs.

Fast work. Due to the use of the hydraulic system HIOS III, was increased speed of the excavator, which is so important in the performance of excavation work. Improved performance is achieved due to faster operation of the drives. At the same time, fuel consumption is reduced by 9% compared to the previous Hitachi model.

Operator comfort. Cabin pleases convenience: air conditioning system, sufficient space for the feet of the operator, comfortable chair, multi-functional monitor.

Technical parameters

Model ZX 200-5G / ZX200LC-5G
Rated power (ISO), kW / HP 125 / 168 at 2100 rpm
Operating weight kg 19800 – 20400
Bucket capacity “with cap” (ISO), m30, 80-1.10
Handle length, m2, 91
Maximum hydraulic flow, l / min 2 x 212
Speed swing, Rev/min 13,5
Maximum digging depth, mm 6 670
Maximum working height, mm 10 040
Maximum digging radius, mm 9 920
Soil cutting force bucket (ISO), kN 158