Wheel loader Bobcat S550

Bobcat S550 – wheel loader, which facilitates digging and loading operations in the construction, installation and landscaping.

On model and application

Bobcat S550 – an improved version of the loader S510. After the release of this device became a replacement for outdated models S160. The loader is able to function properly under adverse external conditions, from uneven land and ending with marshy soils.

Bobcat S550 is widely used for:

  • perform loading and unloading;
  • transportation of any construction materials;
  • landscaping.


The loader is equipped with four-wheel drive wheeled chassis. 80HSOC oval link chain equipped with rollers and plates of the connecting links. They do not need to configure. Through the use of solely high quality materials durability and reliability of the circuits of the device is guaranteed.

Bobcat S550 able to handle loads whose mass does not exceed 794 kg, provided that the counterweight is missing. If he is, then the load capacity is reduced to 62 kg. machine Operating weight of 2.84 equals T.

The loader is equipped with four-cylinder engine, which is powered by diesel fuel. Its power is at 61.8 HP gives the opportunity to develop the speed of the machine to 17.3 km/h (only for devices with two assists).

Standard loader vehicle includes a basic control system. It is also possible to provide the device with additional features that simplify its operation. For example, thanks to the ANS you will follow the direction of movement of the forklift with a lever. Additional handles installed on the steering levers will help you to monitor the inclination and loading. ACS works in another way: the steering levers control drive and pedals you adjust the degree of tilt and lift.Equipping your Bobcat S550 system SJC, can greatly facilitate the whole process of operation of the machine, driving it completely through joysticks.

Due to the presence of lenses, reflectors and four light bulbs, a wheel loader can be easily and safely operated in the dark. This feature was not available for the models of the earlier series.

The equipment mounting system makes it easy to change attachments installed on the truck. All load-bearing elements of the device is made of durable materials. The mounting design is a three-point, which ensures the stability and safety of its operation.

Operating Rated capacity 894 kg
Tipping load 1788 kg
The pump capacity (STD flow / high flow) 64,7 / 101,10 l/min
The system pressure at quick couplers 23,8-24,5 MPa
The speed 11,8 km/h
Speed (high – option*) 17,3 km/h
Dimensions Length with standard bucket 3378 mm
Width with standard bucket 1727 mm
Height with operator cab 1972 mm
Lift height to pivot pin, bucket 2908 mm
The rise of the frame radial
Wheelbase 1082 mm
The rise of the frame Radial
Engine Make/model Kubota / V2607-DI-T-E3B-BC-2
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Liquid
Maximum power at rpm 45,5 (61,88) @ 2700 kW/HP@ rpm
Torque at rpm 148 @ 1425 Nm@rpm
Number of cylinders 4 PCs
Cylinder capacity 2,6 l
Fuel tank capacity 93,7 l
Weight Working weight 2841 kg
Shipping weight 2503 kg
Tires Standard tyre (pneumatic) 10 x 16.5 PR10
Controls Bobcat standard (foot switch control / leverage) standard
Control with joystick (SJC) option
Additional nodes installed at the factory Hydraulic large flow option
Air conditioning option
Bar Deluxe option
Frame mount coupler Power Bob-Tach option
Two speed option