Vacuum unit AKNS-3,5 GAS NEXT

Tanker truck aerial platforms AKNS-3.5-base GAS-С41R13 “Lawn-NEXT” intended for the collection of municipal waste from the earth’s surface, from pits and buried tanks, cleaning of wells, storm and sewer systems, septic tanks of silt and transportation of the collected mass to the places of disposal.

Tankers, ACNS-3,5 can be made in all climatic versions.

The car is equipped with a cargo console with electric winch with remote control for lifting/lowering the spare wheel, and also used to raise manholes sewer manholes to facilitate the work of the operator.

The components of the tank:

  • tank (circular cross section, 09G2S),
  • a vacuum pump (DA-505, PNR-122, PVT-200 PVT-400, VC-6M2 or BP-8/3),
  • electrical equipment
  • fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, sand box),
  • measurement tools (pressure-vacuum gauge).


  • The waist fastening of the tank to the chassis instead of technological support.
  • Technological quick-release hatch for tank cleaning.
  • Extra filler neck in the rear of the tank (with certificate of calibration).
  • Heated gate valves from the exhaust system of the internal combustion engine.
  • The lighting system of the working area in four positions.
  • Tool box on the rear chassis frame.

Technical features of vacuum unit

The tanker, ACNS-3,5 — tank mounted on the chassis of “GAZ NEXT”.

The tank is a welded structure with two bottoms and sides of a round shape.

At the bottom rear of the tank welded pipe flange, on which hinged bolts emergency hatch. It consists of a cover, which is attached to the arm with the disc, when turning the handle is the opening or closing of the hatch. The seal achieved by the gaskets. To the front door with a captive nut attached to the sleeve that consists of pressure-suction hose DN100 mm, cap nut for the connection with hatch, gasket and tip.

The compressor is assigned to create a vacuum in the tank when filling and the pressure during the discharge. System vacuum systems include: vacuum pump, oil separator, moisture separator, piping system with ball valves.

The pump drive is from the engine gear through the propeller shaft.

Tank base made of supports on the subframe and is designed for mounting to the chassis. A support joined to the metal cradles that are attached to the frame rails, truck step ladders. To save from collapse under the pillars in the cradle is a metal stand and ribs. Under the supports of the tank are rubber shock absorbers.

Elektrobudowa laid in the hose, all connections are tight, the instruments are made explosion-proof.

On the tanker provides for the warning “Flammable”. To the rear there is a circuit of camp ground. 200 mm the chain must touch the road.

Improvements under the transportation of dangerous goods:

  • the orange tank that says “FLAMMABLE”,
  • the transfer of the silencer,
  • spark arrestor,
  • shielded wiring,
  • coil grounding
  • the grounding circuit
  • protection of fuel tanks
  • rear protective device
  • flashing beacons orange – 2 PCs,
  • fire extinguishers – 2 pieces,
  • a box for sand,
  • box felt,
  • retro-reflective markings
  • mount information signs hazard class.

Characteristics of tanks

Volume, cu m 3,5
The cross-sectional shape round
The number of sections in the tank 1
Opening bottoms hydraulic (two-side cylinder)
The rise of the tank hydraulic (one-Central cylinder)
Steel grade 09G2S (low alloy steel with a minimum thickness of 4 mm)
Frames exterior
The attachment of tank to chassis belt mount (“floating”) or technological support (“carrier bearing”)

Characteristics of installed pumps

Figure KO-505 PNR-122 PVT-200 PVT-400 VK-6M2 BP-8/3
Productivity, cu. m/h 310 740 1200 1500 240 480
Continuous operation time, h 1
Efficiency, % 80-90 92 92 92
Rotation frequency, Rev/min 1150 1300 3000-4500 3000-4500 1500 26
Depth of suction, m 4
Maximum vacuum Of 0.085 MPa 92% 0,0037 MPa 0,0037 MPa 0,0039 MPa
The maximum pressure, bar 0,6 2 2 2 1,5 2,93
Power, kW 9 19 38 38 22 22
The maximum temperature for the pump, °C 80 150 90 90
Weight, kg 125 177 160 240 530 170

Vacuum tank

The pump drive from WHOM / from HOME / from the hydraulic system of the car / drive shaft
Sleeves pressure-suction 2 PCs., DN-75, length 6 m
Pencil cases for sleeves metal boxes on both sides of the tank; length 4 m, width of 0.48 m.
Protection components of the vacuum unit the first shut-off valve in the neck,
the second shut-off valve in the receiver
vacuum valve (-0,8 kg/cm2),
pressure relief valve (0.4 kg/cm2),
the sensor fill MS DUG11-N-10, de-energizing the motor chassis.

hemispherical viewing window ДУ120 mm at the rear end of the tank (2 PCs)

The intake pipe Luke AMN-53, DM-100 with a BRC located in the lower part of the rear bottom of the tank
Drain pipe Gate valve DN100 with BRS, located at the level of ½ of the tank for draining the settled sludge water. Can ispolzovatsya for a fence a thick, hard Deposit as “easy fill System”
Pressure-suction hoses 3 PCs, 4 meter length, DM-100 BRS

Features chassis GAS NEXT

Engine model YAMZ-5344-20
Max. net torque, Nm 491
when the rotational speed of crankshaft, rpm 1200
The maximum useful power, kW (HP) 109,52 (148,9)
at frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft, rpm 2600
Working volume, l 4,43
The location and number of cylinders in-line, 4
Compression 17,2
Engine type diesel turbo, with intermediate cooling of charging air
Performance without bed
Cab type After the engine
Seats 2+1
Wheels and tires
Tire size 245/70 R:19.5х6.75
Type wheel Disk is not collapsible
The type of tire pneumatic, chamber or tubeless (depending on configuration)
Model KP А21R22-1700010
Type mechanical, 5-testudinata
Management mechanical, remote
Number of gears KP 5
Exhaust system and neutralization
The capacity of the tank with a neutralizing liquid 35
Type Silencer combined with catalytic Converter
Power system
Fuel tank capacity, l 350 or 210 (depending on configuration)
Drive hydraulic with pneumatic booster
Type single-plate, diaphragm, push type, mod. ZF&SACHS MF 362
Drive pneumatic
Dimensions drum diameter, mm 400
Brake linings width, mm 140
Characteristics of the vehicle total mass
External turning radius, m 10
Maximum speed, not less, km/h 90
Wheel formula 4×2
The angle to overcome the ascent, not less, % (deg) 25 (14°)
Electrical equipment
Batteries, V/Ah 2×12/190
Generator, V/W 28/2000
Voltage, B 24
Equipment ST (Standard) – power steering, ABS, АSR (traction control system), al. power Windows, heated mirrors, air driver’s seat suspension.