Unusual multi-armed machine for washing of road tunnels (Video)

In tunnels it never rains, but on their walls the dust settles and automobile exhausts. However, such closed car driveways should be a wash, and clearly not with buckets and mops. Once received an unusual request from one of their customers to clean the tunnel, the Swiss construction company “Colas Suisse” just took it and made a special machine intended for cleaning of such facilities.

This wheeled self-propelled sink visually similar to the multi-armed Indian deity – an ordinary MAN truck, equipped with seven multi-functional “hands” completing large hard brushes for different purposes and sizes, capable of skill and diligence good housewife to clean any dirt from the vertical and curved surfaces. These “hands”, representing the control arms to the articulated joints, are controlled by sensitive hydraulic and equipped with sensors and the sink takes place by supplying water under high pressure on brush (cleaning of the substance is not used).But, the amazing thing is that these devices, like using a remote control and can automatically adapt to the variable geometry, without missing a single slit or protrusion washed by the surface.

Unusual multi-armed machine Colas Suisse for washing of road tunnels

As the manufacturer says, this machine is able to adapt to any shape of the tunnel – whether it is round or square.

Manage this technique usually three people – the driver, sticking to low speeds not higher than 2 km/h and two operators controlling the process of washing.

The system can operate in tunnels with a maximum height of 7.6 m, and in this case, it does not cover all the traffic, and gradually moves along one wall, blocking only half of the road.

By the way, certainly this technique is a good one would wash with ordinary trucks.