The Volvo electrotruck can pass up to 300 km on one charging

The Swedish producer provided completely electric modification of the FL truck.

Possibly, success of the Tesla company in electric transport haunts other producers. Though, the Semi electrotractor didn’t enter the market yet, the American company already in all takes on it orders. Probably electrification of commercial vehicles — not only a trend, but also the perspective idea in the financial plan which also Volvo decided to support, having shown the delivery FL truck with the electrical power unit.

It is possible to distinguish the Volvo FL Electric version from normal FL on the end rails closed by means of false panels behind which are located lithium – ion accumulator blocks with a capacity of 100 – 300 kWh. The electric motor gives the power of 130 or 185 kW and a peak torsion torque of 425 Nanometers that depends on the choice of transfer in a reducer (they are two).

The fully loaded mass of the truck is 16 tons. The version with the battery the maximum capacity is loaded for one or two watch from the special station of fast charging with the 150 kWh direct current. If to charge the accumulator block from normal network with alternate current, then about ten hours will be required.

Undoubtedly, the key characteristic of the electric vehicle is the cruising range which at Volvo FL Electric as the producer says, makes up to 300 kilometers on one charging. However, there is a speech about the empty or loaded car, it isn’t specified. Also nothing is told about the loading capacity of the electric truck.

Already practical tests of a novelty began – the first pair of cars is involved in Sweden. One FL Electric is used for garbage removal, and another for a commercial cargo transportation.