Chatter about the “green” future already bothered all. Especially as it everything can’t come in any way. And if not efforts of the Californian Tesla Motors, the autocompany would feed us for a long time with promises to put for an electric vehicle wheel.

At the beginning there was Roadster — the impudent electro-sports car which doesn’t have problems with exhaust gases, with dispersal to “one hundred” as at Ferrari Enzo. Then understanding came that electricity can force to turn car wheels practically of any class. During this period the Model S concept car — the first family sedan with completely electric “stuffing” was also created. Its cruising range — nearly 500 km (with batteries on 85 kWh). However, on replenishment of a tank of Model S not 5 minutes, but at least 5 hours will leave, it is possible to load it only from the special high-voltage socket.

The model will go to a series in the summer of 2012, but the first 7 thousand cars are already reserved for impatient clients. Still remains a riddle as well as as far as this schoolmate of BMW 5-series will be able to change the existing rules of the game.