Technique years. The international jury selected the best model

From 20 to 27 September in Germany, an exhibition IAA 2018 – the major international event dedicated to the market of trucks. Traditionally, the event chose winners in several categories

This year the organizers decided to call “machine of the year” not only in the three main categories, but in one additional (“Innovative truck of the year”). Offer to meet with each of the models in more detail.

“Truck of the year”

Photo source: iaa.dethe Premiere of “truck of the year” – Ford F-Max

In this category, more venerable European brands outpaced manufacturer from the USA. The jury awarded the title of “truck of the year” Ford truck F-Max. New to replace a Ford Cargo. In particular, the developers managed to reduce fuel consumption by 6%. Car is equipped with a 500-horsepower 12.7-litre engine Ford Ecotorq and 12 speed ZF automatic transmission Trakson. The cabin was completely redesigned, its width is 2.5 m, inner height of 2.16 m. Features: flat floor, two beds, a special storage system.

The start of serial production model is scheduled for the end of this year. In the markets of Eastern and Central Europe, the machine must appear in the next two years.

“The innovative truck of the year”

Photo source: traton.comPromising development – MAN aFAS

For the victory in which appeared only this year the categories were fighting trucks, gross weight of which exceeds 3.5 tonnes the Main criterion is the implementation of various innovation systems. The first place it was decided to award the aFAS concept (stands for “unmanned vehicle, ensuring the safety of road works on Federal motorways”). At the moment, the company tested and presented to market participants experimental vehicle MAN TGM 18.340, which was developed on the basis of standard TGS.The essence of the concept is this: the novelty-driven autopilot, it should follow the vehicle road services (using a kind of “electronic hitch”) and to ensure his safety. In the event of a collision TGM 18.340 takes the hit.

“Bus of the year”

Photo source: daimler.comHybrid bus Mercedes Citaro

The winner among the buses was named Mercedes Citaro hybrid, the first performance of which took place at the beginning of the year. On this model apart from the diesel engine with an additional electric capacity of 14 kW. The latter is powered by supercapacitors, which in turn store energy through regenerative braking. The electric motor performs an auxiliary role: it is activated when starting the bus, as well as on the climbs. And the result is reduced fuel consumption by 8.5%.

“Van of the year”

Photo source: of the year: Peugeot Partner

Win the last nomination was awarded just four vans, the development of which the basis was taken one basic car. We are talking about the Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Opel Combo and Vauxhall Combo (all listed brands are owned by Groupe PSA). The jury appreciated the system, which is equipped with Partner Combo Berlingo. This, for example, Surround Rear Vision (displays image from rearview camera), overload indicator cargo compartment and several others. All models are available with two body styles and are equipped with gasoline or diesel engines.