Skoda Superb 2019

Giving the car the name Superb, Skoda probably wanted to draw maximum attention to this model even when it released the first version of this sedan. Skoda Superb 2019 is another step away from the concept of Volkswagen to the line of completely independent cars of the Czech automaker. It is with the new owner, Volkswagen, Skoda spoke again, first of all, as a manufacturer of high-quality and inexpensive cars. In 2019, the superb will easily take its rightful place among SUVs, surpassing the Ford Mondeo in the version of Titanium and Toyota Camry.

Skoda superb 2019 in the new body struck fans already in the photo, and its affordable price, of course, attracts attention. The novelty was a little shorter Executive sedans such as BMW fifth series, but inside it is much more spacious. A passenger 6 feet tall will have enough space, even if he sits behind the driver of the same height.


The exterior feels the corporate identity of the manufacturer, the same strict lines, no extra lining or florid. On Skoda superb 2019 the manufacturer does not have a lot of trouble:

– new grille protecting the radiator;
– head lights got bi-xenon stuffing. They also have integrated daytime running lights;
– the hood has changed the form;
– bumpers and rear lights have got led inserts;
– expanded selection of alloy wheels.


The new cabin can easily accommodate three adult passengers. This decision in no way affected the volume of the Luggage compartment, which, as before, can accommodate a huge number of things. The only thing is that the trunk opening system without using hands, allowing you to lift the rear door by lifting your foot under the bumper, is inconvenient to use.

There are several practical extras such as umbrellas in the doors, an ice scraper with fuel filler and a gripping device in the Cup holders that allows you to open the bottle with one hand.

What really amazes in this model (in addition to the huge interior), so it is the quality of the ride. Modern systems create the effect of soft rocking, which pleasantly smoothes the roughness of the road. Sports driver and passenger seats, which can be customized in a variety of ways, only add a sense of comfort.

Skoda superb 2019-a new model, not only externally but also internally. It compares favorably with last year’s simple controls, heating and a large number of high-quality plastic parts. And all thanks to the use of German-made materials.

The car is equipped with a touch control system, through which the driver gets access to the stereo system, car settings and satellite Navigator. On the outside of the screen there are quick access buttons that allow you to quickly switch between different functions and a button to go to the settings menu.

There is only one drawback that is inherent in all touch systems-the driver has to be distracted from the road to find the desired area of the screen. Also, the elongated interior affects the rear view of the road, so a mandatory addition to the new product is the Parktronic.

In General, control Skoda superb 2019 is a pleasure: the front visibility is good, and the panel displays information about the level of pressing the brake pedal or gas, which makes it easy to accelerate and brake smoothly.

Technical parameters

Most buyers will prefer the 148-horsepower 2.0-liter diesel engine, which impresses with its power and excellent handling. The 187-horsepower 2.0-liter engine is slightly more powerful than the base unit. At the same time, it is more noisy and creates shaking when driving.

Also, the Czech will be equipped with a diesel engine of 1.6 liters. This unit accelerates briskly and perfectly keeps the road, but when overtaking behaves worse than its gasoline counterparts.

Suspension Skoda Superb 2019 also underwent revision, which was simply necessary, because earlier, on previous models, when turning at speed felt a little wagging.

List of basic equipment:

– dynamic chassis control system (DCC), which allows you to change the weight of the steering wheel, throttle sensitivity and suspension stiffness;
– blind spot monitoring system;
– driver assistance system to prevent skidding and overturning of the car;
– tire pressure monitoring system;
– rain and light sensors;
– heated steering wheel and heated mirrors (in the top version).

Skoda superb 2019 was released recently, so it did not have time to include the study of customer satisfaction JD Power. However, a lot of hopes are placed on the novelty, as its manufacturer occupies the eighth place in the rating, which determines the reliability index of Warranty Direct, which is made on the basis of warranty requirements.

As a result, the Skoda superb 2019 in the new body looks impressive in the photo, the price of the novelty is affordable, and modern technical characteristics should meet all the needs of potential buyers.


Skoda Superb 2019 comes with seven airbags by default. Separately, it is worth noting the pillow, which extends over the entire length of the cabin at the window level. Another airbag is located under the steering column to protect the driver’s knees.

Options such as an electronic stability control system that helps the driver regain control of the car after sliding, and a post-collision system that slows down the car after an accident to reduce the risk of further shocks, allows the novelty to reach a new level and compete with more serious rivals.

However, not everything is so rosy, because more complex security and driver assistance systems are available only as part of paid packages. For example, a blind spot detection system that warns the driver that another car is overtaking or in a blind spot is standard only in the Laurin & Klemin version.

Despite this, the Skoda superb 2019 was awarded five stars in determining the level of safety in the Euro NCAP rating, and also surpassed the BMW 3-series model. The level of protection of children and pedestrians was particularly appreciated.

The basic S package comes with the following options:

– Wheels with alloy wheels;
– Digital radio;
– Communication with mobile phone via Bluetooth;
– USB connector that allows you to play music from your iPod.

The SE package includes climate control, rear Parking sensors and cruise control. Specification SE Business-a more rational option, as its price is not much different from the cost of the SE version, but in its equipment added front Parking sensors, electric adjustment of the driver’s seat and satellite Navigator.

Premaxilla equipment has the name L SE Executive. It is distinguished by the presence of leather upholstery and heated front seats. The top version of Laurin & Klement has everything from a high-quality stereo system with 10 speakers to television.

Model Skoda Superb 2019-a great family car with a spacious interior and a high level of equipment. In fact, it’s a great alternative to German cars with premium insignia. And most importantly-proven safety, which guarantees the Czech manufacturer.