Speed begins “to turn green” every day. All it is crazy about Porsche 918 because it realizes the word “something”: disperses to “one hundred” in 3,2 seconds, has “ceiling” of speed about 320 km/h and, on assurance of developers, it is capable to make “A northern loop” less than in 7 minutes and 30 seconds. At the same time he burns only 3 liters of fuel and spits out only 70 grams of CO2 in the atmosphere on each kilometer — less, than the lawn-mower!

For this purpose it was required to place in an easy carboxylic body “only” 718 hp from four engines, three of which — electric. Electrical units twist front wheels and dobavlyayat the moment of a rear axle over which is also zealous 3.4-liter V8. Fans of brand learned this heap of digits on a clove for a long time — 918 will become the most powerful, fast and cool Porsche in the history of the company.

Preorders for model more than 2000 thousand are already collected, and production will be limited to a small series. But it will be — the management of the company already gave green light to the most “green” supercar.