Loader Bobcat S510

Bobcat S510, wheel loader, replacing the S150 model which is no longer available.

Briefly about the Bobcat S510 and the spheres of its application

Loader Bobcat S510 is considered shredderman. He’s able to move fast, raise and lower heavy loads at a considerable height, and also work with good performance.

Due to the radial trajectory of the lift wheel loader Bobcat S510 copes with the snow removal. In addition, it is used for garbage collection, excavation work, maintenance, construction and industrial operations, etc.

The loader is powered by a four cylinder engine, whose power is 48.5 HP Cylinders, hydraulic systems are responsible for carrying capacity (reaches 0,81 t) tipping load (is 1.6 t) of this unit.

The features and benefits

  1. Remains stable even when moving in the fully loaded condition. Such safety of operation Bobcat S510 is achieved through optimal utilization of its own weight.
  2. Does not require complex and expensive maintenance or repair. For disassembly of the loader does not even need to raise his arrow. All the important elements of the device (starting from the power unit and finishing with the battery) is located at a convenient operator locations to which you have access.
  3. Has a high degree of comfort. Bobcat S510 door has the largest area among all models in the series. In addition, the device is equipped with a system of heating, conditioning and air purification, which ensures operator comfort. The cab of the truck is characterized by good level of sound insulation. No sounds and vibration from the site do not distract the operator from his work.

Compatible with mounted equipment

Bobcat S510 is compatible with a huge number of the hinged equipment. For example, it is possible to install road milling cutter. Together with additional devices, the loader is used to perform non-standard tasks. This can be clearing the surface, digging trenches, soil compaction, patching, Stripping of road surfaces, or even planting trees.

The attachments mounted to the loader the Bobcat S510 with mounting system “Bob-Tach”. It was designed and patented by the company Bobcat, which is responsible for the reliability and safety of its use. Thanks to the “Bob-Tach” mounting and Dismounting equipment on the truck Bobcat S510 takes the least time and effort on the part of the operator.

Operating Rated capacity 810 kg
Tipping load 1619 kg
The pump capacity (STD flow / high flow) 64,7 l/min
The system pressure at quick couplers 23,8-24,5 MPa
The speed 11,8 km/h
Speed (high – option*) 17,3 km/h
Dimensions Length with standard bucket 3378 mm
Width with standard bucket 1727 mm
Height with operator cab 1972 mm
Lift height to pivot pin, bucket 2908 mm
The rise of the frame radial
Wheelbase 1082 mm
The rise of the frame Radial
Engine Make/model Kubota / V2203-M-DI-E2B-BC-3
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Liquid
Maximum power at rpm 36,4 (49,50) @ 2800 kW/HP@ rpm
Torque at rpm 150 @ 1700 Nm@rpm
Number of cylinders 4 PCs
Cylinder capacity 2,19 l
Fuel tank capacity 93,7 l
Weight Working weight 2686 kg
Shipping weight 2343 kg
Tires Standard tyre (pneumatic) 10 x 16.5 PR10
Controls Bobcat standard (foot switch control / leverage) standard
Control with joystick (SJC) option
Additional nodes installed at the factory Hydraulic large flow not available
Air conditioning not available
Bar Deluxe option
Frame mount coupler Power Bob-Tach option
Two speed option