LadaVesta Cross: Where are we heading to AVTOVAZ

The plant does not skimp on promises, but skeptics see signs of new stagnation.

After a six-month lull from the debut of Lada Vesta station wagon, the plant introduced another novelty: this time the Vesta sedan in the all-road performance Cross. Earlier disclosed the name of the new President of the plant — from 1 June Nicolas Mora was succeeded by Yves Karakatsanis. But when should you expect from a plant of the present Prime Minister, like the Vesta?

A cross-recipe

There is no big intrigue in Vesta Cross sedan. It was presented in August 2016, and the production model is almost no different from the show car.

Similarly, AVTOVAZ has already made a wagon SW Cross on the basis of the standard five-door. Like the cross-wagon, the sedan has a clearance of 203 mm, which puts it flush with the SUV on this indicator. But there is no four-wheel drive, and the silver lining on the front ” lip ” is part of the bumper, and in the case of damage to the entire part is changed entirely.

But setting the chassis of the sedan Cross its own, and therefore it should be managed as well as all-terrain wagon. If the previous “Crosses”, like Kalina, had a compromise configuration of the chassis, in the case of the Vesta SW Cross driving habits do not raise questions: it is felt that they are not configured on a residual basis. Surely the sedan will be at least as good.

The speed for which you do not have to pay

Increased clearance did not spoil the design of the model, and black lining added the appearance of audacity. However, the basic 17-inch wheels is an aesthetic necessity, because the rinks are smaller in size Zadran sedan looks great standing on tiptoe. And cons 17-inch “casting” known: overpayment for winter tires and the risk of theft.

The interior of the sedan, as well as cross-wagon, will be two-color, with orange or gray inserts. Prices are not yet known, but taking into account the surcharge of 30 thousand rubles for the wagon, we can assume that the sedan in the performance of Cross will be estimated at 740 thousand rubles and above.

Yet it is hard to shake the feeling of deja vu, but more recently AVTOVAZ year after year were treated to upgrade existing models, squeezing them to the last drop.

Was and became

These days AVTOVAZ celebrates 48 years since the release of the first car VAZ-2101 — a successful model, but sat on the Assembly line in different versions for more than thirty years. The original ” Oka “did not become a commercial success, the classic” Niva “is still available, the front-wheel drive models of AVTOVAZ have long been iterations of a rather successful”eight”.

AvtoVAZ broke the image of the manufacturer of old-timers at the junction of 2015 and 2016, when each other came out Lada Vesta and X-Ray. But since then-the lull: the plant brings to the market modifications and restyling, and “Niva”, meanwhile, has already exchanged the fifth dozen. But what have you heard about radically new models?

This year’s sensations should not wait. X-Ray will get the Cross version and Lada Granta will be restyled. It is expected that the model will get the actual x-design of the front part, as in Vesta, and the hatchback version, that is, AVTOVAZ will combine the coplatform Granta and Kalina in one line. Probably, we will see the serial Vesta Sport, but from the release of small-scale “limousine” Vesta Sinature with a stretched 250 mm wheelbase decided to give up-not cost-effective.

New models will appear later: AVTOVAZ development plan involves the release of two new products until 2019, and another 10 (!) up to 2026. However, in contrast to the times of Bo Andersson, the first foreign “leader” AVTOVAZ, the specifics of the new products is a little: the plant chooses the concept of a new “Field” and a new compact model, which will replace the “Kalina”. It will probably be a pseudo-crossover based on the extravagant Lada Xcode.

So the current scattering of restyling and modifications is not a sign of sliding into stagnation, but quite a natural pause before the release of the next new item. AvtoVAZ, like the parent Alliance Renault-Nissan, works in the rhythm of the modern automotive industry, which brings radically new models every 4-8 years (sometimes more, for example, as in the case of the first generation Audi Q7 or Volvo XC90).

But there is another side of the coin — will the upcoming debutants be full of new products?

The new President and his tasks

From 1 June, the President of AVTOVAZ, Frenchman Yves Karakatsanis. It is significant that Nicolas Morey is not fired, but promoted — he will become Vice-President of the Eurasian wing of Renault and will retain the post of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of AVTOVAZ. That is in contrast to the assignment control unit Andresson and the Nicolas Mora, the current changes are rather evolutionary.

Like Moore, Karakatsanis has a decent experience in the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and in Togliatti will move from Romania, where the heads belonging to the Alliance brand Dacia.

These personnel changes speak eloquently about Renault-Nissan plans: the task of the President will be the implementation of the already adopted development plan, and most importantly — the further integration of AVTOVAZ into the Renault-Nissan production system.

So far, the Russian plant has managed to keep a bit of identity: let Renault Logan is collected in Togliatti, and Largus and X-Ray are made on the French platform B0, but the same Vesta was the development of an independent and very successful: today it is the best-selling Lada.