Hammer the Torah according to Elon Musk: the truck of Tesla had a competitor

Now very few people you will surprise with electromobile startups, but “green” trucks — a subject special, the tone in it is set by the American companies. Thor Trucks one of them, showed the first model recently — the ET-One truck tractor.

The pioneer on the “green” cargo front it is considered to be the main American innovator Elon Musk who in November of this year showed to the world the electric Tesla Semi tractor. Its batch oriented production has to begin in 2019. Considering that the company faced serious problems at statement on the conveyor of the most available Model 3 car (shipment of the cars ordered by clients was postponed for several months), very few people believe that Semi will arrive to customers in time. Other sharks of a car business prophesy to Musk by the end of decade financial crash at all.

The young Californian firm Thor Trucks is going to begin release of the electric ET-One truck in 2019 too. She wants to bypass Tesla due to a bit different approach to the organization of business. If Tesla makes the most part of components for the cars itself (including batteries), then Thor Trucks intends to do electric tractors of the component parts which are already available in the industrial market. So, the platform at ET-One — from the known American truck manufacturer Navistar (in last International), batteries — the Korean LG Chem, electric motors — from the honored supplier of TM4, bridges — Dana, well and further in such spirit.

“Transport workers just won’t want to deal with producer to which a very short time and which at the same time 90% of parts for trucks do itself” — one of two young founders of Thor Trucks reported in an interview to the Trucks.com magazine of Giordano Sordoni. Together with the partner and the head of a startup Dakota Semler it decided to make ET-One such that long-distance truck drivers had no questions to its reliability, these cars have to work actually round the clock seven days a week, with pauses (about 90 minutes) on recharge of batteries.

Capacity of batteries isn’t reported yet (only the hypothetical perspective threshold in 1 MW · w) is called, but it is known that depending on modification of ET-One will be able to pass on one charging with an overall load (36 t) from 160 to 480 km. The price, respectively, will vary in the range from 150 thousand up to 250 thousand dollars.

For comparison we will tell: Elon Musk promises that Tesla Semi will pass on one charging up to 800 km, and the price, according to informal sources, will be about 150-180 thousand dollars.

Then that ET-One is a priori worse than Tesla? According to characteristics — yes, but a question in the one who the first will mass-produce the car. Thor Trucks can be on the side of sympathy of private long-distance truck drivers, unlike Tesla, this firm isn’t going to supply the trucks with an auto pilot and consequently ordinary hard workers will be able to keep work.