Ford Transit-2019: new diesel and completely redesigned interior

Commercial vehicle carrying capacity of 2 tons Ford showed at the international exhibition in Hanover.

Sales of the new Ford Transit in Europe will begin in the summer of 2019. Externally, the model has changed little: it corrected the front bumper, the headlights remained the same shape, however, they were supplemented with contour led DRL around the perimeter. Have rear lights also now slightly a different form of.

The interior of the updated commercial vehicle was redesigned much more noticeably. Among the changes are a new steering wheel, another front panel with Cup holders on the sides, as well as an 8-inch touch screen multimedia system in the center. A microclimate control unit was moved under the touchscreen.

In the engine lineup remains 105-, 130 – and 170-strong options, however it complements a modernized two-liter diesel EcoBlue, whose power had grown to 185 HP Maximum torque of the engine is 415 Nm. Ford increased the combustion efficiency by increasing the peak pressure to 2,200 bar in the fuel injection system. Friction in the engine is reduced due to the thinner skirt (compared to the cast aluminum piston design), and the so – called “parasitic losses”-due to the fact that the oil supply is adjusted to the needs.

As an option, Ford offers an additional battery that accumulates regenerative energy on braking: it charges the electric motor, which helps diesel (for example, on the rises). According to the manufacturer, this system allows you to save fuel. In General, fuel efficiency is increased by 7%.

Presented in Hanover Ford Transit in addition to the existing 6-speed manual gearbox will be equipped with a 10-step “automatic” of its own design with the function of adaptive programming of gearshift. However, this version will be available only to the rear-wheel drive versions of the model and not earlier than in the spring of 2020.

Ford Transit vans with “automatic” for the first time will have “smart” adaptive cruise control, which is able to read the terrain. The list of equipment also includes a Parking assistant, blind spot monitoring, pedestrian detection and collision avoidance function, works at night (in case pedestrians are illuminated by headlights).

Production of the new Transit for Europe will be established at the plant in Kocaeli (Turkey). Transit Custom is also produced here. The updated commercial vehicle will get to the Russian market, but the company does not name the terms yet. The current version of the model comes off the Assembly line JV Ford Sollers in Elabuga (Tatarstan).

To date, the Ford Transit LCV remains the most popular foreign brand in Russia. During 2017, the car sold 9,031 copies, for the first seven months of 2018, 5 782 cars were bought. The current result is 45% more than in January-July last year.