Exhibition Paphos

MAN Truck & Bus has created a special version of the truck tractor MAN TGX “The Lion” for demonstration at exhibitions and corporate events

Special model created on the base of the trunk of the truck tractor MAN TGX 18.640 with a 4×2 and the best possible cabin XXL.

As the name implies, the main idea is to show the power of a lion, the symbol of the brand. It and claw marks on the side trim and the sun visor, and image the king of beasts, which adorned the seat backs and the rear wall of the cab. Additionally, “The Lion” provided a contoured illuminated logo MAN on the shiny black grille and backlight function space at the door – in the latter case, instead of the usual cars at the light spot, is projected on the pavement… well, again, the inscription “MAN”.

As you may have guessed, the inside of the cab is the Kingdom of genuine leather beige and black color – it covered almost all the interior panels. Seats and steering wheel are also trimmed with leather and Alcantara. List all the adjectives won’t release – there are photos.

From functionality the interior it is worth noting refrigerator, fully retractable under bed, and rotary switch of MAN TipMatic, which is now situated in the centre of the dashboard.

Now a little about the technical stuffing “The Lion”. The tractor is equipped with a 6-cylinder 640 HP D38 engine MAN with working volume of 15.2 liters and a torque of 3000 N·m. partner assigned to the robotic motor 12-speed gearbox MAN TipMatic with software PROFI “flashed” to work on the main transport.

In addition, the car is equipped with flotation tires on aluminum wheels and “a La buses”. The last are more decorative than practical function, but nonetheless, they are elements of the “concept of lighting arranged on the roof of the cab led daytime driving light”.

Not forgotten and popular currently, the parameters of security and efficiency. The list of electronic assistants included: topographic cruise control Cruise MAN Efficient c function idle Roll Efficient, xenon headlamps, led tail lamps, dynamic damping control CDC (Continous Damping Control), control system tire pressure TPM (Tyre Pressure Monitoring), adaptive cruise control ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), tracking system for road markings LGS (Lane Guard System).

In principle, the list of options goes on, but more interesting to show that this line from the release: “…here are just some of the features available for ordering a complete set of “The Lion”. Ie before us is in fact not unique demonstration and exhibition design, and another top-end equipment, which if desired may order any carrier?..