Dozer TM 10.10

Dozer TM 10.11 – one of the most popular models of the company DST URAL, located in Chelyabinsk. The machine is designed on basis of tractor TM 10.00, complemented by the ripping device and the bulldozer equipment. By design, the model is similar to TM series 10.10.

Plant DST URAL appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, but has already loudly declared itself. In no time the manufacturer behind the leaders in the segment, and its products have repeatedly been awarded prizes at foreign and domestic exhibitions. Initially the company was engaged in repair of construction machinery, but in the mid 2000s switched to its production. Designers DST URAL in their designs, they used the experience accumulated by the Russian manufacturers of special equipment.

TM 10.11 – one of the most successful models of the company. It has a rich basic equipment. In the front and rear region of the machine are the lights that enable you to work in the dark. Armored bottom improves reliability and makes for safe operation on uneven surfaces.

The main use of the bulldozer TM 10.11 – the loosening and transportation of soil for short distances. The model is suitable for the ground I-III category (without further loosening), and the soil of the IV category (with preliminary loosening). It is also used for site leveling, snow removal, grubbing stumps, digging ditches and trenches. Technique is widely used in the mining and forest industries, road construction and agriculture.

Modifications and features

The TM family 10.11 is available in several versions (TM ГСТ15 10.11, 10.11 TM E and others). They differ in the area of use, type, installed equipment, engine and structural elements.

For TM series 10.11 has the following advantages:

  • standardization of major components and elements of machines, Chelyabinsk tractor plant is 85-90% (the largest components, with a high degree of wear). This feature significantly reduces the time of delivery of the parts is not more than 7 days in any region of the country;
  • the democratic value. Russian Assembly make a bulldozer available for most consumers;
  • long service life and reliability;
  • a wide range of. The model is available for purchase in standard and expanded configuration tailored to the needs of the customer;
  • simple control of all functions and movement by means of 2 joysticks;
  • high environmental impact. The amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere in the family of TM 10.11 significantly reduced;
  • hydrostatic transmission improves user convenience while increasing reliability.

Dozer TM 10.11 currently is synonymous with quality and efficiency at an affordable cost.



  • length – 6640-7163 mm;
  • width – 3240-3310 mm;
  • height – 3420-3440 mm.

Structural weight of the base model is 18500 kg, swamp performance – 19400 kg Operating weight with Ripper reaches 22600 kg. ground Pressure ranges from 0.039 to 0.075 MPa. Bearing area of 6.1 sq. m. the Dozer can travel forward at a speed of 11.28 km/h (8 pass), ago – with a velocity of 11.05 km/h (3rd gear).

Filling capacity:

  • hydraulic system with 100 l;
  • the cooling system is 60 l;
  • the engine lubrication system – 32 L.

Its principal working bodies:

1. Semi-u blade with gidroperekisi:

  • width – 4000 mm;
  • height – 1550 mm;
  • capacity is 6.6 cubic meters;
  • weight – 2660 kg.

2. Straight angle blade:

  • width – 4280 mm;
  • height – 1140 mm;
  • capacity – 4 cubic meters;
  • weight – 2540 kg.

3. A single-tooth Ripper:

  • weight – 1860 kg;
  • the ultimate depth – 660 mm.

4. Treasury Ripper:

  • weight 2260 kg;
  • the ultimate depth – 660 mm.