Changan CS35: now a separate family, but with different models

The Network posted photos of another ” SUV ” with the index CS35. The appearance of this modification is made in the style of Lexus.

Changan company is preparing to bring to market the cs35 crossover OF the second generation, which received the name prefix Plus. At the same time, the first generation model remains in service, moreover, customers will be offered another, third modification – CS35 Mini. The last version has not been officially presented yet, but it is already known how it will look – photos of “mini” appeared in the Ministry of industry of China.

CS35 Mini is a turned version of “SUV” CS15 Changan, which in China release in 2015. “Mini” got a new hood, bumpers and optics, as well as a grille in the style of Lexus. By the way, the compact did not become the first model Changan with a grille – “under the Lexus” has issued the flagship SUV CS95, cross-coupe CS85 and sedan Raeton CC.

The length of the CS35 Mini is 4135 mm, which is 35 mm more than that of the CS15, the wheelbase of the new version was increased by 10 mm to 2520 mm. the width is the same As that of the donor ” SUV “(1740 mm), and the height was cut by 5 mm to 1630 mm.the Engine and the” mini “boxes got from the CS15: the novelty is equipped with a petrol” atmosfernik “1.5 with a power of 107 HP, which is paired with a five-stage” mechanics “or” robot ” with two clutches. Drive – only front.

Changan CS35 Mini may go on sale until the end of this year, the prices have not been announced yet. Donor CS15 costs from 53 900 yuan, which is equivalent to about 535 000 rubles at the current rate. Meanwhile, the ” tag ” of the line Changan will not disappear – on the contrary, this crossover will soon survive the restyling.

The new Changan CS35 Plus will reach Chinese dealers in October, but its price tag has not yet been disclosed. This model has retained a simple chassis with a semi-independent rear suspension, the length of the cross – 4335 mm (165 mm more than the first generation model), width – 1825 mm (+15 mm compared to “just” CS35), height – 1660 mm (-10 mm), wheelbase – 2600 mm (+40 mm). For CS35 Plus while declared “atmosfernik” 1.6 (128 HP) and six-stage “robot” Aisin, and next year the model is likely to get a turbo 1.4, the impact of which is currently unknown. Drive-again, only the front.

As for Changan CS35 of the first generation, this front-wheel drive “SUV” in China, available with 125-strong atmospheric motor 1.6 and “turboservice” 1.5 issuing 156 HP Base engine is paired with 5МКП or 4АКП, the second is equipped with only the “mechanics”. Price – from 68 900 yuan (about 684 000 rubles).

Cross the first generation is sold in Russia, the Assembly of Changan CS35 for our market is established in the Lipetsk region. In Russia, the crossover can be bought with 113-horsepower 1.6 gasoline engine, paired with 5MKP or 4AKP. The price of “thirty-fifth” today – from 959 000 rubles. New versions do not Shine to us yet, the current CS35 in Russia diverges slightly: 811 cars sold in January-July 2018 (21 units less than in the first seven months of 2017). For comparison, China sold more than 150,000 first-generation crossovers last year.