Bulldozer CHETRA T 20

CHETRA T 20 belongs to the category of industrial bulldozers, 20-th drawbar category. The machine is essential when running large volumes of work in the development of rocks and construction. The model shows high performance and efficiency due to the use in the design of advanced technologies and solutions.

Manufacturer CHETRA T 20 is the Chuvash enterprise “Promtractor”. The model is a line of new products the company introduced in early 2000-ies. In 2006, the technique has received a certificate of conformity with European Union standards (TUV Rheinland Inter Cert). In addition to high performance, CHETRA T 20 stands out interesting design with a combination of corporate colors: purple and yellow. Like gamma provides fast detection of a bulldozer on site, covered with snow, or in the forests.

CHETRA T 20 is intended to perform operations that require high power. Technique can be used in temperatures from -50 to +45 degrees, which expands the range of its application. Versatility and high performance ensure stable demand for this model.

The main uses of CHETRA T 20:

  • logging;
  • earthworks (ripping, mixing and moving soil over short distances);
  • road works;
  • mining industry (enterprises of fuel and energy complex, gold and diamond mining industry, geological exploration);
  • earthworks of any complexity, including frozen and rocky ground.

Modifications and features

CHETRA T 20 is available in several versions, allowing you to select the best option for specific operating conditions. Structurally different modifications of the dozer as close as possible to each other, and the differences are only in the prescribed engine (YAMZ or Cummins), the type of equipment used (direct, spherical or semi-u blade) and the width of the tracks (basic version and version with wide tracks).

CHETRA T 20 competes with foreign bulldozers Caterpillar, Komatsu and Chinese models. In terms of price and quality technique shows the optimal combination. Among other advantages of the CHETRA T 20 should be highlighted:

  1. the quality and reliability of the materials. Rubber parts, steel, electronics and other mechanisms of a bulldozer capable of withstanding abnormal temperatures, which is very important, because the machine is commonly used in hundreds of kilometers away from the base of the repair in severe conditions, and breakdowns lead to considerable costs;
  2. the ease of use. Inexpensive spare components and simplicity of design allows you to quickly learn the operation and maintenance of the bulldozer;
  3. savings. The cost of CHETRA T 20 is one of the lowest in the segment;
  4. versatility. The machine can be used with various blade and rippers, which saves the time to perform operations;
  5. comfort. Heater, ventilation, noise absorbing padding and the installation of air conditioning, make the operator as comfortable as possible.



  • length 4605 mm;
  • width – 2696 mm;
  • height 3885 mm;
  • ground clearance – 540 mm;
  • track width – 560 (standard) or 710 (reclamation version).

Machine operating weight is 33250 kg (with attachments – 34220 kg). Specific pressure on the soil equals 0,97 kgf/sq cm (reclamation execution of 0.71 kg/sq cm). The bulldozer is able to move forward with a maximum speed of 11.1 km/h ago – with a top speed of 14.2 km/h.

The device and operating features

CHETRA T 20 is the standard for all the products of the company “Promtractor” layout. The model is based on the modular design of systems and components, providing ease of installation, replacement and maintenance. This scheme reduces the cost and accelerates the payback of a bulldozer.

The basic elements of CHETRA T 20:

1. Suspension. The basis architecture of the model is the 3-point semi-rigid suspension with external axis of swing. Due to this, you get excellent traction and gripping quality of the machine. Suspension includes a solid frame truck with 3 rollers on rubber shock absorbers. Each carriage has rollers mounted on the crank-shaped lever mounted on the frame. Bogie frame is rotated about the axis, and a shock load on it is not transmitted to the body, increasing comfort of work.Caterpillar presented the design team with one grantization and seal that secures the joint fluid lubricant. Adjusting track tensioning is performed with a syringe with grease.

Characteristics of the chassis:

  • the number of rollers – 7 (each side);
  • number of carriers – 2 (each side);
  • the number of Shoe – 40 (each side);
  • Shoe width – 560 mm;
  • the total area of the surface of the caterpillar – 3,44 sq. m;
  • step link – 228,6 mm.

2. Hydromechanical transmission. CHETRA T 20 is equipped with an improved transmission with 3 forward and 3 reverse gears. Transmission, reduction gearing and main gear are a single construction that is located in the bore of the rear axle. Planetary gearbox switched under load and has a high rate of transmission of the torque. Another important element of the transmission is the torque Converter (3-element 1-stage) which connects the splined coupling with CP. The choice of speeds is done by using one lever in the cabin.

3. Remote-cylinder hydraulic system. It is composed of the following elements:

  • gear pump DAVID BROWN S1A6155 performance 235 l/min;
  • the pressure relief valve;
  • 5-sectiony dispenser;
  • welded hydraulic tank capacity 130 HP

The maximum system pressure is 20 MPa.

The cabin of the bulldozer CHETRA T 20 is single and is mounted on rubber shock absorbers. Special glass with a washer and wiper eliminates the formation of ice and accumulation of dust on the glass that improves visibility. Comfortable working conditions are achieved by the air heater heater, large areas of glazing, ventilation system and modern sound-absorbing upholstery. The cabin is equipped with an independent heater, operating on diesel fuel. Additionally, it is suggested to install air conditioning.In some versions provided mini-bar for chilling food, beverages and water.

CHETRA T 20 is versatile. A bulldozer is used with a wide range of special equipment.

Types of dozer equipment:

1. Semi-u blade:

  • length – 3976 mm;
  • width – 1875 mm;
  • capacity to 10.8 cubic meters;
  • weight 3940 kg;
  • maximum lifting height – 1250 mm;
  • the ultimate depth – 580 mm;
  • the maximal skew is 15 degrees.

2. Universal blade:

  • length – 4270 mm;
  • width – 1920 mm;
  • capacity and 11.7 cu. m;
  • weight 4430 kg;
  • maximum lifting height – 1250 mm;
  • the ultimate depth – 580 mm;
  • maximum SAG at 13 degrees.

3. Straight blade:

  • length – 4378 mm;
  • width – 1673 mm;
  • capacity of 8.5 cubic meters.

4. The coal blade:

  • length – 4270 mm;
  • width – 1920 mm;
  • capacity – 15 cubic meters.

Other equipment:

  • a single-tooth Ripper;
  • Treasury cultivator;
  • winch with a pulling force up to 30 tons.


For bulldozer CHETRA T 20 there are 2 options of engine:

1. YAMZ 238-ДЕ2-28 (Yaroslavl motor works) is a 4-stroke V-shaped diesel engine with liquid cooling, cooling of the charge air in the heat exchanger on the principle of “air-air” and a turbo. Among the distinctive features of the engine include simplicity of design, high performance and availability.

Engine characteristics YAMZ 238-ДЕ2-28:

  • displacement 14,86 l;
  • rated power – 228 (310) kW (HP);
  • nominal rotation frequency – 2100 Rev/min;
  • maximum torque – 1247 Nm;
  • the compression ratio is 16.5;
  • number of cylinders – 8;
  • the cylinder diameter is 130 mm.
  • specific fuel consumption – 195 (143) g/kWh (g/HP per hour).

2. Cummins QSM 11-C330 – 4-stroke in-line diesel engine with charge-air cooling type “air-air” and liquid cooling and turbocharger. The unit is complemented by a system of “Bosch” + “Quantum”, including electronic control devices, protection, diagnostics of engine and fuel injection. The power plant meets modern ecological requirements and has a long service life.

Unit features Cummins QSM 11-C330:

  • the working volume of 10.8 l;
  • rated power – 246 (335) kW (HP);
  • nominal rotation frequency – 2100 Rev/min;
  • maximum torque – 1458 Nm;
  • number of cylinders – 6;
  • the diameter of the cylinder – 125 mm;
  • specific fuel consumption – 195 (143) g/kWh (g/HP per hour).

The bulldozer is equipped with a fuel tank 400 l