Added a Scania dealer network

On the last Friday of September 2018 in Ryazan on the Federal highway M5 “Ural” has opened a new dealership station Scania “Ryazanskan”. The development of customer service in the region of Scania has a strategic importance as “Ryazanskan” actively sells and maintains equipment on alternative fuels.

Official dealer of “Ryazanskan” which is part of the Scania dealer network since 2010, received a new place on a busy highway M5 “Ural”, the most convenient for carriers, as well as a new modern building.

“The volume of investments in construction and equipment dealer station for servicing of the equipment owners, maintenance and repair of trucks, buses, industrial plants, amounted to 200 million rubles. The area of the station is 2100 m2, it is equipped with 18 cars. In the state of the station 60 jobs, the entire staff has undergone special training and mandatory certification”, – said General Director of dealer stations “Ryazanskan” Igor Morozov.

The company “Ryazanskan” is the leader of the Scania dealer network in Russia sales of equipment with gas engines, told the opening ceremony of the station, the General Director of OOO “Scania-Rus” Wojciech Rowinski.

“This year the dealer “Ryazanskan” has concluded the contract with group of companies “grain holding” for the purchase of 50 vehicles on methane, and the first 11 trucks Scania P340 already sent to the client. Appliances natural gas is becoming more and more popular among carriers, as it provides a significant reduction in costs and emissions compared to models with diesel engines. And we create all the conditions to support promising direction”, – said Wojciech Rowinski.

Wojciech Rowinski also stressed that active renewal of dealer stations, including “Ryazanskan”, allows you to provide all customers on the territory of Russia the best integrated solutions for their business quickly to maintain and repair the equipment Scania, thus increasing uptime of machinery and eliminating unplanned expenses.

In the opening ceremony of the new station “Ryazanskan” was attended by a delegation of the Japanese transport company Trans Web, which travels across Russia on two recently acquired trucks Scania trucks with semi-trailers. The train started in the Dutch Scania factory in Zwolle, went through Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Now team Trans Web moves to Vladivostok, and from there to Tokyo. 30 days the machine needs to go 13 thousand.

Help about the technical features of Japanese cars Scania’s 410

The S 410 A4x2EB tractors with semi-trailers are produced for the company Trans Web to order. Specifications of these models, which will be used in Japan, a number of parameters differ significantly from the Russian analogues:

1. Cars are RHD, while Russia dominates the LHD.
2. The diesel engine of Euro-6, which is already widely distributed in Europe and Asia, but is not officially required in the country.
3. The fuel injection system XPI, in contrast to the dominant us system of PDE used in the engines to the level of Euro-5, inclusive.
4. The gear ratio of the transmission of 2.71 for Scania trucks in Russia, usually choose the rate of 2.92.
5. There is no feature limits white smoke used at all Russian models, since its using the engine heats up faster to the desired temperature in the cold season.
6. The charge generator 150 And battery 180 A – on trucks in Russia, as a rule, the charge generator 130 And the battery 230 A.
7. Head lights type LED. For freight transport Scania Russia – H7.
8. The Parking heater 3kW, at a similar S series models for the Russian market it is recommended 6kW.
9. Stopping a cooler cabin, as a rule, not used on tractors in Russia.
10. Cab suspension pneumatic, but it is not designed for temperatures below -25° C, so the model for Russian conditions usually put a mechanical suspension.
11. Rims aluminum, our country set steel.