7 the most anticipated crossovers-2018

SUVs to take a leading position not going. Every year, automakers will present an all-new model. In 2018, Russia will have a few of them.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Updated Japanese will be based on the platform of the well-known “Outlander”. The wheelbase remains of the “ancestor” and is 2670 millimeters. Length 4405 mm, the car will be located between the Outlander and the ASX. Clearance novelties amounted to 183 mm.

Under the hood petrol 1.5-liter turbo engine capacity of 163 horsepower and 8-speed CVT with sports mode. Despite its features, because of the reduced mass Eclipse Cross accelerates to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds.

Accurate data on price in Russia, the official website does not. But according to preliminary data it will amount to 1.5 million rubles for the basic package. The start of sales is scheduled for spring 2018.

Nissan X-Trail


The restyled version of “Extrala” is no longer a dark horse. In America, this model is presented as the Nissan Rogue. But Europe and Russia will have to wait a bit.

The exterior and interior of the car has changed slightly. Increased the front grille. Replaced the bumpers, running lights, and dimensions. The main difference from the old version into the interior — three-spoke steering wheel.

The configuration of the motors will not change. As in the current generation of buyers will delight in the 4-cylinder engines. In addition to diesel volume of 1.6 liters and capacity of 130 “horses” will be available with 2.0 – and 2.5-liter petrol units with a capacity of 144 and 171 HP respectively. Complete with diesel is 6-speed manual transmission. But gasoline engines can be accompanied by either a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT Xtronic CVT.

Hyundai Creta

Creta came to the domestic market in mid-2016. Now come to selling the car the 2018 lineup. The main change was the replacement of hydraulic servo, which came with all cars with a manual transmission, to electric.

All the other options in place, but “peritonealis” configurations. There is a huge selection. Want a 1.6 liter motor with a 6-speed manual transmission? Please! Wish same engine but with a 6-speed “automatic”? Get! Need a complete drive, or you can do just the front? Choose to your taste! But the 2-liter 150-HP units are supplied only with an automatic 6-speed gearbox and no mechanics.

Price spread is from 800 thousand for the base configuration up to 1.2 million rubles. For additional packages offered by the manufacturer, will have to pay about 150 thousand.

Toyota Fortuner

From October 2017 this frame SUV presents on the Russian market. But only with one engine — a 4-cylinder in-line 2.8-liter 177-horsepower diesel engine with turbo and automatic 6-speed transmission. In 2018 to order will be available petrol counterparts. Here we are offered the same 4-cylinder in-line engine, but in 5-step “mechanics” or 6-step “automatic” to choose from.

The price tag of Toyota Fortuner in the minimum configuration starts with 2 million rubles. The machine is fabric interior, three airbags, a CD player and air conditioning. But in the version “Comfort” you can enjoy leather interior, heated steering wheel and seats, rearview camera and even more pleasant things. But it’s worth 350 thousand rubles more.

Skoda Karoq

Karoq a lot borrowed from its older brother Skoda Kodiaq. The length and width Karoq a little less — 4382 millimeters and 1841 respectively. Significant plus — roomy trunk. Depending on the adjustment of the rear row of seats, its volume varies greatly. In the usual state, 588 litres, if you fold back — 1604, and if you just remove second row seats (the car is equipped with this capability) — 1810 litres.

The interior stands out from the other competitors. Everything is simple and tasteful. As usual, depending on configuration salon or fabric, or leather, or hybrid leather and artificial.

It is still unclear the issue of engines for the Russian market. Most likely, there will be a model with a 1.6-liter “atmospherically” with a capacity of 110 “horses”. These are the same motors that are on “Octavia”. To them a choice of 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed “automatic”.

Peugeot 5008

“Five thousand eighth” not the classic crossover. Rather, the result of crossing crossover and compact MPV. The first generation Peugeot 5008 bypassed the domestic market side. It was planned that the second we do not look within, but the French changed their decision.

The design is nice. The futuristic elements are seamlessly integrated into the interior. Even if you do not take a top specification with leather, denim in the initial execution good. The rear row of seats is adjustable in the range of 18 inches. For an additional 50 thousand rubles, you can install a third row of seats. For an adult there is little space, but children will be fine.

In Russia are either a 2-liter BlueHDi diesel engines power 150 horsepower, or a diesel 1.6-liter THP Turbomotor of the same power. Included are a 6-speed “automatic” and on a sad tradition, only front-wheel drive.

For the minimum configuration the French asking for 1.9 million rubles. And maximum have to pay $ 2 million 180 thousand.

Volkswagen Teramont

7-seat crossover is based on a modular platform MQB. In the model range of Volkswagen, this model is the largest. The “rogue” is positioned not as an elite stallion (that role was left to the “Tuareg”), and as a workhorse. However, appearance is not affected. Exterior Teramont not distracting from the family, it is to discern the characteristics and Amarok, Tiguan and Passat and even.

Of a car seat located at the principle of an amphitheater: the second row above the first by 63 mm, and the third is 99 millimeters. In the original second row seat is a sofa. But for a fee you can replace two chairs and will remain in the middle aisle to the third row. By the way, unlike most competitors, “the gods” Teramont not “fake” and full.

Take care of the creators of the SUV and the trunk. Its volume, even with the third row of seats is 583 litres. But if you add them up, will 1572. If we remove the second-row, the trunk and does turn into the hold on 2741 liter.

Under the hood Teramont can be one of two petrol engines: a turbocharged V4 2.0-litre (241 HP) or “aspirated” the 3.6-liter (284 HP). It is an 8-step “automatic” and not the usual “Policew” “robot” DSG. The drive is just full.

How much will it cost “SUV” — is as yet unknown. Talicor clear that he will occupy the price niche between the “Tehuana” and “Touareg”.